Oculus Launch Day

December 1, 2022

Launch Day

Gorilla Tag is coming out of Oculus App Lab/Early Access on the 15th of December.  Without support of a great community this could not have happened, we hope you will join us for this amazing milestone for the game.

EA Pack

The Early Access pack will be not be available after Launch day.  These items will never return to the store rotation, so if you want to grab it - now is the time to do so.

12/12 to 12/15

As part of the move from App Lab to the Main Store, Gorilla Tag will not be available to add to your library from 12/12 to launch.  All existing users will be able to install or play.  No new users will be able to get during this time. There will be more Announcements coming about the launch so watch this space.

Read more here https://www.oculus.com/blog/gorilla-tag-launch-date-december-15