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Game Modes

Gorilla Tag has 4 primary game modes, and 3 match-making game queues for default, minigames, and competitive play.
Queues are accessible using Gorilla OS.

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Basement Update

Welcome to the Basement! Do you want to play a game? What's on the table today? Will you the enter the treacherous dungeon maze, be hunted by a terrifying boss, and place your fate in the hands of other players?

1 Day Notice Winter Feb

1 Day Notice You only have the next 24 hours to grab what you want from the long list of items leaving: -The Winter/Flashback Items -The Hockey Team Outfits (The Champion Ring 23 will not be back) -The St. Patricks Days Flashback Cosmetics‍ The Pot O’ Gold is not leaving yet!

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Parent-Managed Meta Accounts for Users 10-12 Years of Age
What are Parent-Managed Meta Accounts?
If a child self-identifies or is identified by Meta as being between 10-12 years of age (a “Child” or “Children”), their parent or legal guardian may create and manage a Parent-Managed Meta Account.

We do not administer Parent-Managed Meta Accounts. For more information on creating and managing an account for a Child, please review Meta’s education hub at https://www.meta.com/quest/safety-center/parental-supervision/. Note that Meta does not support Parent-Managed Meta Accounts for children under the age of 10 or Quest 1 and Rift players. Children under the age of 10 cannot play Gorilla Tag, and Quest 1 and Rift players must be at least 13 years old to play Gorilla Tag.

Once a parent or legal guardian creates a Parent-Managed Meta Account, they may manage certain gameplay settings for their Child.

Can I play Gorilla Tag with my Child?
Yes, in some circumstances. If you are playing with your Child in the same house or you communicate with them outside of the game, they can share a room code with you so you can join them using the Gorilla Tag computer. Children cannot, however, join a private lobby using your room code.

Can my Child communicate with other players?
Children are automatically restricted from communicating with or otherwise making their personal information publicly available to other players. When your Child tries to communicate with other players using voice chat, only monkey noises will be heard by other players. No voice data of your Child is transmitted.

Can my Child turn off hearing other players’ monkey noises?
No. You cannot disable this safety feature for Children.

My Child doesn't want to be called ‘GORILLA1234’, how can they change it?
To maintain anonymity and prevent the sharing of personal information, Children are assigned randomly-generated name badges, such as 'GORILLA1234'. Your Child can't see other players' names either, as they are displayed in the same format. However, they can still see cosmetics, colors, or skins.

Why can’t my Child type using the Gorilla Tag computer?
Children can't read text chat or send text messages in the game, but they can still enjoy playing with others!

Why can’t I buy or gift Shiny Rocks for my Child to spend?
Children are automatically restricted from purchasing in-game items using real currency. Your Child will still receive free Daily Shiny Rocks. Please check out your Child’s ATM to see their free Daily Shiny Rock balance.

Please discuss these features with your preteen children to help them understand why these protections are important. Thank you for joining us as we create a safe and fun gaming environment for all Gorilla Tag players.

How to Join Discord
Join our Discord!Discord is currently our ONLY official channel.  News for the game is posted in the #announcements channel.

Please review and pay close attention to the #rules.
Code Of Conduct





Room and Player Names
Players are given a one-time warning if the room or player name that they have entered into the computer will trigger a ban.

If a player sees this warning - They should not repeat the same name or any other ban-worthy name.

Do not use a Room or Lobby name unless confident that it will not result in a ban.
Managing Playspace Best Practices


Players can mute other players from the big board in-game.  There is a mute button that can be toggled.  The mute setting persists between sessions and is stored locally.  The setting needs to be re-enabled if the game is uninstalled from the device.

To mute all players, Human voice can be disabled from the in-game computer and replaced by fun Monkey sounds.


In-game, players can report other players that are not following the Code of Conduct at the big board. Please report any player that is not following the Code - Every report helps flag players that need to be reviewed for a ban-worthy offense.

You must be a member of the Discord channel to access the form. Players can be reported outside of the game with this form:



We hold our Code of Conduct and treat bans seriously.  If a player is determined to not be following the rules, we will issue bans aggressively with escalating time durations.

Some things to note:
1. Players will be given a specific reason for a ban on the red message board.  When submitting an appeal, please reference the exact wording on the board so the Appeals team knows exactly which ban to look up.
2. Ganging up on a player and spam or mass reporting them does not affect our decision making process.  We consider context when reviewing reports and look out for that behavior specifically.
3. Many Bans are issued for patterns of behavior.  If an appeal is for a specific incident, the player’s past behavior and prior ban history are considered.
4. Any report by a trusted witness is more likely to be acted upon.

IP Bans

If a player's ban escalations have reached a point where we ban an IP address, all users from that IP address are subject to a ban.  A player may trigger a ban evasion if we determine that they have:

1. Reinstalled the app to attempt to manipulate time.
2. Used a different account on the headset.
3. Used a Steam account when they were banned on Quest (or vice-versa)

If a player receives an IP ban, they should not attempt to login to the servers with any device, or any other account.  This will be considered Ban Evasion and an additional ban will be added after the current ban expires.  It does not matter if a player owns this account or if they have other members of their household attempting to login with their own accounts.  When in this situation, we suggest players discuss their  behavior with the other members of their household and educate them on following the Code of Conduct.

IP Bans can stack.  If a banned player continues to attempt to evade the IP ban, additional bans will be added.  These may appear as if players are immediately banned after the current ban timer expires.

In extreme cases, we will issue a permanent ban.  The red board will notify players if they have received a permanent ban.  Their only recourse is to make an appeal.


A ban appeal can be made by visiting our

Appeals are handled by the Appeals Team.  This team is intentionally separate from any of the Gorilla Tag team that have day-to-day interactions with customers.  Developers, Community Moderators, Volunteer Moderators, Stick or Twigs do not participate in the review process.  Do not contact them about appeals or additional restrictions may be applied.

Players must provide accurate information in their appeal.  If the Appeals Team is unable to locate their account because of incorrect information, the appeal will be denied.

DIscord Bans & Appeals

To appeal a Discord Ban.  Please visit the following link and fill out the form.

Opting in to Beta and How to Change Release Channels

On Steam

Go to the setting for Gorilla Tag on Steam and select Properties > Beta and from the drop down select the desired beta channel.


On Quest

In a browser, visit the Gorilla Tag product page at:
Under the “Additional Details” section, select the desired version next to the Version row.

Switching back to Live:
To switch back to the Live published version of the game, follow the steps above except select the “Live” version of the game.  You may need to uninstall and reinstall to force the update on your device.
When I start the game, the board shows 0 Players online
PC: Reboot your Router if that doesn't work. Remove all mods and try again.

Quest: This may be the new Meta Account update. Visit this link to update.


Create your account, ensure your headset is fully charged and go to Settings > Software update > and click the Check for updates. Let the device update and follow instructions on the headset. You may need to restart your headset
Accepting the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
Users will be prompted to accept the Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy at game startup every time Another Axiom has modified those agreements.

To accept each agreement, HOLD a Face button (A, B, X, or Y on your controller) to acknowledge that the user has read, understood, and agrees to the terms of the agreements.

Please ensure your headset/computer time and date is correct as it will exit the game if not and re prompt at the next launch.